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Kariba Premium Spring Water : Re Branding Project

We recently worked with a start-up Premium Spring Water Company and wanted to share all the work we did with them.

When they came to us they were looking for a printer for water bottle labels. After some discussion on design and branding the project turned into a full re brand. We worked as the primary design and marketing consultant to Toronto, Ontario's newest Premium Spring Water supplier.

Full branding campaign included: logo re-work, packaging, website, sales material, social media and imagery.

Once all of the design work was completed we started on the print production pieces. This included Custom Printed Can Sleeves, Metallic Bottle Labels & 12 Pack Tall Can Cases.  The can sleeves are printed on a clear material and included a matte finish. The bottle labels were printed on a metallic label with a matte finish. The tall can cases are printed on wet strength board material, die cut to shape and glued. 

12 Pack Case

12 Pack Tall Can Case

Bottle Labels

Metallic Labels

Shrink Sleeve Wraps

Tall Can Sleeves

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At Kariba Premium Water ( we can confidently say Chris and his team are the most professional, most diligent and knowledgeable partners any Company would ever need.

Very hands on and yes, best pricing too! Chris handled our sleeve and label printing to perfection and consistently. Highly recommend!

Joram Mudzingwa

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